Log Settings

Remote Syslog

Server IP Address
Server Port

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Remote Syslog:

IP address and port of the remote logging host. Leave this address blank for no remote logging.


Local Log

Log type
Log Size  KiB

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Log type:

Whether your log will be stored in a memory circular buffer or in a file. Beware that files are stored in a memory filesystem which will be lost if you reboot your router.

Log File:

The path and name of your log file. It can be set on any writable filesystem. CAUTION: DO NOT USE A JFFS filesystem because syslog will write A LOT to it. You can use /tmp or any filesystem on an external storage unit.

Log Size:

The size of your log in kibibytes. Be carefull with the size of the circular buffer as it is taken from your main memory.


Kernel Log

Messages Priority
Ring Buffer Size  KiB

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Messages Priority:

Log messages up to the defined priority, the default priority level is 7 (debug).

Ring Buffer Size:

How much space will kernel reserve for messages in memory. The default size is 16 KiB.


Boot Time Log

Backup Boot Time Messages
Backup File
Compress Backup

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Backup Boot Time Messages:

The boot time messages will get overwritten by other events. You can save them for the later reference.


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